10-28-2001: "On Life and Paranoia"
Something I wrote a few days ago....

It's funny
funny how we gossip and spread things around
funny the rare truths in the rumors abound
could be about you, could be about me
tell me,
what's the latest story?

And here's another l'il composition from a little bit back...

If there's one thing that God taught me
It's when I should be sure
Of course of things on heaven
But not of things on earth
Of course you may ask me
Why I hold this ph'losophy
If I knew, I'd tell you
If I knew, I'd tell you

If that's not enough philosophy and poetry for you today, then go find a poetry site to read, I guess. I can be such a cynic when I want to. The word 'cynic' is cool. Maybe reading to Kill a Mockingbird made me into a cynic. Oh wait, I'm not a cynic all the time.

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