10-30-2001: "Exploring"
Wrote this l'il peice today. Enjoy!

   Down. Falling--gonna hit whatever it is with your face. Colors, all around you. Swirling like gasses on Jupiter, and making up the walls around you. You try and touch the walls, but your hands go right through them. You stry and escape, but somehow you stay trapped, falling farther still.
   Suddenly you feel like there's no gravity. Then you feel gravity again. It keeps switching, until it's able to keep you just floating. Then the gravity comes on again. AFter what feels like an hour of falling but seems like a ten-foot drop, you land. You pick your head up and look around.
   The same gasses swirl around, the same colored "walls" surround this place. In the cneter, there's a huge ball of silvery, watery-looking gunk bound together. Thoughts, which appear to be coming from that entity, fill your mind. You try and push the stream of thoughts from your head, and after a little bit they begin to subside. You notice you have a huge headache as the thoughts echo around your mind.
   You feel drawn in towards the silvery, watery entity. You move slowly towards it. You stop about a foot from it, and hear the thought, Touch me. Slowly, cautiously, you reach out a hand. You put it into the watery thing. You pull your hand out, and see that it is holding a rose with a silvery stem and rainbow pebbles. Beautiful, but not without its thorns. Dark, but not without its good points.
   You begin to float. Higher and higher, until you leave the place and find yourself sitting in class with the teacher cracking a joke. You realize what that place, that thing, and that rose were. The human mind. No, deeper than that. The human psyche.

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