10-25-2001: "On Life and Soup"
I'm sitting here at my mom's computer listening to my friend CF talk about soup. Life isn't like soup at all. Just an FYI, I suppose. (Written Later) I'd like to take a moment to put out some thoughts on human thought. I know because it happened to me once that a small seed can be planted -- a seed as small as a pressure put on oneself by another -- and that this small seed can grow into paranoia and fear. Fear is one of the darkest feelings humans get. It's sort of like the feeling you get around someone you like, but it's got a different feel to it--and it's active in your mind as well as down in your stomach. It can make you nauseous, even. Best thing I know of to do is to talk about it, but not too much, and ask God to help you through it. He helps me with my fears and paranoia, and is still doing so.
Quote of the Day: "...one moment I'll be here and the next I'll be gone, but while I'm chillin' out, there's some things I'd like to see, like some sanity, some family and some diversity." - John Reuben, Him Her He She

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