11-18-2001: "Break the Rain"
Another set of song lyrics. The song's name is "Break the Rain." It was written 11-13-2001.

With Your help, I can do the impossible
With Your help, I can catch the sun
With Your help, I can break the rain

Questions slam down like a foot to the floor
Nobody would've cared before
But now these trials seem never ending
On You more now I'm depending
I just want to find my way through life
Luckily along my way there's a Guide

Solace slips away like the catch of the day
Nobody lets me have my say
They're too busy asking me questions
I lean on you so I won't fall now
Sometimes long for days I loathed all this
Sometimes long for days You know I miss

Climbing a rainbow like a chimp on a tree
Forgetting all that threatens me
Holding on to my outworldish dreams
This is how it sometimes seems
I find solace in You again Lord
Now I know I'll never let You go

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