1-0: Characters
Characters are a fundamantal aspect of an RPG. Without them, you can have no storyline. The only thing you get in a character-less RPG is description...So where's the point? This isn't english class (at least, not a normal english class!) As I've established, you're going to need a character for this game. So, think one up! Here are some questions to help you develop your character:

What's their name?
What do they look like?
What do they wear?
How are they on the inside?
What's their outlook on life?
Do they have any dreams, fears, worries, thoughts, etc.?

Now, here comes the next part: transferring this character to paper. Characters will require stat transitions, so if this character is pretty strong, don't give them a 7 in strength. If they're a nerd, they should probably have a decent to high amount of IT (intelligence). If they're beautiful, this may count as an advantage. If they're a slave, then this may be a disadvantage (social stigma). Anyway, move on to statistics.

1-1: Statistics
Okay, here's the lowdown on UQ's statistics (stats for short) system. You get 65 points to distribute amongst four statistics: Health Points (HP), Strength (ST), Dexterity/Speed (DX), and Intelligence (IT). Health Points are given as a current out of maximum (e.g. 7/10, with 10 being your HP). These stats will affect your skills (how easily you can use these skills) and such. Your stats should reflect who your character is. Now, there are two more stats: Attack Power (AT) and Defense Power (DP). Find Attack Power by adding ST to the strength of whatever your character's current weapon is. Find DF by taking your character's ST and adding the strength of your character's current armor. (If there is no weapon/armor, fists/clothes will give 1 point of attack/defense, assuming that the character has no fistfighting/martial arts skill and the clothing has no special properties.)

1-2: Skills
Now we come to skills. SKills are possibly THE most important aspect of this system. Well, maybe not, but let's move on anyway. Skills are specific abilities that you character has which may be tested under pressure. For instance, a cooking skill will only be rolled for if the character a) is trying to make a fancy dish or b) has no cooking skill and is trying to cook anything that can't be made in the microwave. Skills will be covered more in the skills section, but for now you should know that skills all have point costs and levels.

1-3: Advantages and Disadvantages
Okay, now we delve into advantages and disadvantages (ads and disads). Advantages are things that give you a leg up in the world, such as telepathy or social status. These are things that affect your character majorly, such as an allergy or even a lost limb. You have 5 points to spend on advantages, and disadvantages give points back. Here's a list of advantages and disadvantages to get you started (more will be provided in various supplements.) Also included are the values for these ads and disads. The gamemaster may modify this list, even adding and taking away certain ads and disads. As for how these ads and disads will affect gameplay, go on common sense and what the gamemaster decides.

Beautiful (1)
Good With Animals (1)
Good Aim (1)
Night Vision (2)
Special Hearing (2)
Social Status (2)
Telepathy (3)
Wealth (1 for every 5,000 -money- above the norm)

Allergies (1)
Bad Aim (1)
Blind (3)
Deaf (2)
Honesty (1)
Lawful (2)
Lost Limb (3)
Mental Health (3)
Mute (2)
Pacifist: Cannot Kill (1)
Pacifist: Self-Defense (1)
Poverty (1 for every 5,000 -money- below the norm)
Social Stigma (2)
Ugly (1)
Pick out your ads and disads (if none of those disads look good, try making one up.)

1-4: Character Sheet
And here is the UQ character sheet.

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