0-0 Introduction

Dear Reader,
This roleplaying system, hereafter known as Ultimate Quests (or UQ) is designed to make roleplaying a simple process. This may be a difficult task for me, as my other goal in writing UQ is to cover every genre--to write a "universal" system.
Contrary to what some may say, roleplaying is not inherently evil. I find that some roleplaying (some GURPS worldbooks, for instance) should probably be avoided due to religious content. I myself am a Christian, so I obviously would be comfortable playing a game with a Christian theme--however, for the purposes of this system, I will avoid official religious content.
Now, back to the roleplaying stuff. Roleplaying is a thing where you play a certain character--actors in a play may be said to be roleplayers. However, roleplaying in the gaming sense means you create a character and then you act out the part of this character in a preset (or even constantly changing) gameworld. In roleplaying, the gameworld is controlled by the gamemaster, the person in the roleplaying group who designs the gameworld and the quests which the characters will take on. A series of adventures, which are played out in sessions of roleplaying (usually about 1-10 hours each, depending on the group), is called a campaign.