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June 11th, 2006. Added the following clichés on that day: Amputation Rule, Battle Engine Rule, Battle Engine Corollary, Cameo Rule, Concealed Weaponry, Concealed Weaponry Corollary, Crack-in-the-Wall Syndrome, Fools Rush in Syndrome, Heh. :p, Involved Management, Limit on Infinity, Main Enemy Rule, MZX Car Rule #1, MZX Car Rule #2, Narrator Rule, Narrator Corollary, OCD Antagonists, Point A to Point B, Public Knowledge is Weakness, Requisite Silly Joke, SAM Overload, SEPELIGN, Starting the Weekend off Right, Sturdy Scenery, Tree (Under/Over)estimation, Uncanny Valley, You are out of high strength bombs!, You are out of high strength bombs! Corollary, Youth of the Nation, a total of 29 entries.

Amputation Rule: Feet are almost always detached from the body.

Battle Engine Rule: In Megazeux games, battle engines nearly always suck.

Battle Engine Corollary: The better a battle engine is shaping up to be, the less likely it is that the game will get finished.

Cameo Rule: Cameos aren't just of MZX'ers - the programmer him/herself, friends of the programmer, characters from other games, anything goes.

Concealed Weaponry: Nobody ever knows when the player has a gun and/or high explosives on hand.

Concealed Weaponry Corollary: It's typically not that big of a problem to attack (or even kill) innocents with said weapons. In fact, many people that can be shot/bombed will not even die; rather, they will simply yell at the player to "cut that out."

Crack-in-the-Wall Syndrome: In any given prison or dungeon cell, there is at least one spot where the wall isn't as sturdy as the rest. This provides an easy escape route for the player.

Declaration of Independence: Nobody ever lives with their parents, regardless of age or responsibility (exceptions fall under Starting the Weekend Off Right).

Fools Rush in Syndrome: You have a girlfriend, but she hates you.

Heh. :p: A Megazeuxer that hasn't said "Heh. :p" at some stage or another just isn't a Megazeuxer.

Here's Your Dunce Hat: In a comedic MegaZeux game, the main character is always a complete idiot.

Item Forest: ITEM FEILDS!!!!!!!!!1, or massive accumulations of items, often appear.

Involved Management: If the game has any kind of a comic tone to it, almost 95% of the time the creator will somehow write himself into it and either be all powerful or belittled by the cast.

Limit on Infinity: Within MZX, infinity is actually 32767 (Pre-2.80 versions.)

Main Enemy Rule: The main bad guy is always some psychotic freak, a shunned dude, or a mage.

MZX Car Rule #1: People somehow fit into cars the length and width of themselves.

MZX Car Rule #2: Cars are ridiculously difficult to drive, but they never crash... they bounce.

Narrator Rule #1: The narrator is always a jerk.

Narrator Rule #2: The narrator will explain what each object in every room does and/or interatct and talk to the player about it.

Narrator Rule #3: Often the narrator is the creator of the project.

Narrator Corollary: The player paired with said narrator is always an idiot reluctant to play the game. (See Here's Your Dunce Hat.)

OCD Antagonists: If a villain does not reveal his/her plans in complete details to the captured and seemingly helpless player, they are a very bad villain.

Point A to Point B: Longer highways and roads in MZX are rarely curved, but rather go in a straight line from start to finish.

Pressure Sensors: Every item is activated simply by touching it. Mindblowing and revolutionary technology, no?

Public Knowledge is Weakness: The more MZXers who know about a game project, the more doomed it is.

Requisite Silly Joke: Nearly every game MUST have at least one silly and pointless joke.

Restaurant Syndrome: There's always a restaurant that makes a mockery of real restaurants and they always serve poisonous food.

SAM Overload: Every comical game must be packaged with at least 291,503 SAM files (or WAVs, if the game is nu-school), at least one file for every entry in the ALT-F screen (even ones that never get used). Every sound effect must be as loud as possible and be played at least ten times on every screen to ensure that the player has heard them.

SEPELIGN: the game is funnier if the author cannot spell and uses capslock, or if they write innane gibberish such as "Lozl I h4cx u n00b5 LOLZOLSOLSODASALAD!!!1111one"

Sinful Hero: If an afterlife sequence is in affect the main character is always either sent to hell or some weird place called Barkness.

Sports? What are Those?: Athletes don't exist in a world where things only move in the 4 cardinal directions.

Starting the Weekend off Right: If you start at home, the character will always wake up in his/her bedroom to an alarm clock, realize that that they're off work/school that day, and destroy the alarm. There is always a gun placed in a dresser drawer, usually loaded. Finally, they always sleep naked, and must put some clothes on before leaving their room. From there, they go on an epic adventure (unbeknownst to their parents, of course).

Sturdy Scenery: Explosions have nearly no effect on their surroundings. Must be a contained blast =/.

Tree (Under/Over)estimation: Trees are either the approximate size of your character, or ridiculously large, but almost never the right size!

Uncanny Valley: Whereas characters with an established girlfriend have a light, casual relationship and doing one minor thing with them (like going to the movies) is like pulling teeth, people who've just met fall immediately in love and will kill a grand wizard / stop an evil organisation solo / blindly follow an opportunist bird for the sake of their partners.

You are out of high strength bombs!: You do not have any high strength bombs.

You are out of high strength bombs! Corollary: Also, you do not have any low strength bombs.

Youth of the Nation: Teenagers make the best divine instruments.

ContributorWhat they Contributed
asgromoYou are out of high strength bombs!, You are out of high strength bombs! Corollary
astralInvolved Management
BrambleMZX Car Rule #1
ChezzyAmputation Rule
cjaLimit on Infinity, Point A to Point B
Esdemo1Fools Rush in Syndrome
GoshiNarrator Rule #2, Narrator Rule #3, Sinful Hero, Item Forest, Restaurant Syndrome
KKairosBattle Engine Corollary, Public Knowlwedge is Weakness
KojiSEPELIGN, Requisite Silly Joke, Battle Engine Rule
Lancer-XTree (Under/Over)estimation
MicahSturdy Scenery, Crack-in-the-Wall Syndrome, Pressure Sensors, Sports? What are Those?, Declaration of Independence
RevvyYouth of the Nation, OCD Antagonists
SkylarkHeh. :p
SpectereSAM Overload, Starting the Weekend off Right, Here's Your Dunce Hat
Syrup LadMain Enemy Rule
TerrynUncanny Valley
ToxMZX Car Rule #2, Narrator Rule #1, Narrator Corollary
wildweaselCameo Rule, Concealed Weaponry, Concealed Weaponry Corollary

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