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Current Project - Cry of Light
Story 36% - More concepts piecing themselves together IN MY HEAAAD, plus some that are in the game, and some backstory (not all of which, or even most of which, is revealed in the game itself) on paper.
Battle Engine 70%-80% - KenOhki tells me that he's only about 30%-50% done on his part of it, but that about 70%-80% of the engine is done as a whole.
Walking/Talking Engine 100% - The walking's done, along with Jon's anims. Talking part's done, too. Any character anims besides Jon's shouldn't be a problem, and I even have the anims for Vi already!
Status Screen Engine 0% - Nothing's done except the concept that items, while unusable in battle, will be usable on the status screen and will have info shown at the bottom describing their effects.
Cinemas 3% - 15-second intro sequence is done. It'll probably be replaced when I have actual scenes from the game to add in. One sequence done which involves Bluecastle (I won't say how.)
Areas About 4-7% - Concepts for a couple areas and some of Rivertone is done, including trees and some houses. Northern Continent is semi-MZXed (Bluecastle can be explored and beaten, minus battles.)
Overall 33.2% - We've made some decent progress on this one. However it still needs quite a bit of work before it's done.
Last updated 1-27-2002

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