Here you can find info on the Ruin Diver series. The Ruin Diver series is composed of two Megazeux games -- one which has been released and one which is in development. Ruin Diver was released the srping of 2001, and had few receptions from the MZX community. One reception, a review by Spazz, can be found here. I would hope that that 6 is a 6/10... Anyway, the first one wasn't the best game ever made. It featured a ripped-off game concepts stealing from Azure Dreams and mixing in a lazer gun, which, if ripped off from anywhere, came from Megaman Legends. The Azure Dreams concepts that I ripped off were the dungeon-diving and town, and the monsters. In Ruin Diver, you only got one RC, though, and the healing attack didn't work right. Neither did the ending.

However, Ruin Diver 2 should be much better. In the sequel, I plan on including three playable characters, as opposed to the nameless character in RD who talked with "YOU" in the name slot.

(From left to right: Cord, Ashaya and Enta)

Cord Elmin appeared in Dungeon Guru Nostalgia Tower (for ZZT) along with Ashaya Raynhart, in which he was a playable character. Cord appeared in Ruin Diver as an NPC who aided the player by telling them about RCs. Ashaya probably takes the cake for the character name I've used most. I've probably attempted about four or five games with a heroine named either Ashaya or Ashya. Aside from this, she was a playable character in DGN Tower. Enta Rayne is the only character in this upcoming game that hasn't been in one of my ZZT or MZX games already. Enta was, however, an NPC in a one-shot game I ran with one of my friends. In that game, he was a farm-boy. In this game, he's...uh...well, I'll figure that out later.

In addition to these three playable characters, the Ruin Diver 2 will also feature an RC. The RC system in this one, however, will be quite different, and innovative as well. The RC you receive in this game is blue-feathered bird named Zuzzi. About three feet tall and full of wit and charm, Zuzzi can use some magic of the protective/curative or destructive kind. However, Zuzzi's mood and abilities will change when enough doom and gloom or hope and light is fed into him. If you feed enough hope-like elements into him, he becomes White Phoenix. White Phoenix is bigger than Zuzzi, and can cast protective and curative magic. Destructive magic is unavailable to White Phoenix. Zuzzi can change back from White Phoenix by aborbing enough elements of doom and gloom. If Zuzzi becomes full enough of gloom, he becomes Marevick. Marevick is about the size of White Phoenix, but black-to-grey all over, and is focused on destructive magic. Curative and protective magic is unavailable to Marevick. Zuzzi can change back from Marevick by absorbing enough hope and light. Each of Zuzzi's two forms (and Zuzzi himself) will develop their abilities over time, if kept in enough balance. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you preferred just one of the three forms.