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Last Update: 03-11-2003, Tuesday, 10:08 PM
Added my own "Microcosm."

Last Update: 12-23-2002, Monday, 11:44 PM
"To Be". (Mine)

Last Update: 12-17-2002, Tuesday, 8:58 PM
"Serenade," "Ladies' Tea", and "More Than Ever." (Mine)

Last Update: 12-04-2002, Tuesday, 10:07 PM
"Maiden," "Rhyme," and "Promise of Christ," my own creations, with some likely inspiration from above.

Last Update: 12-02-2002, Monday, 10:05 PM
I think this one was the Monday song, "Life Without Monday". It's Wednesday as I write this, so...yeah.

Last Update: 12-01-2002, 10:01 pm
Uhm, writing. "Waves," inspired by some recent events in my life...

Last Update: 11-14-2002, 10:23 pm
Lyrics for "Frustration," "My Shoes", and "No Joke".

Last Update: 9-14-2002, 8:55 pm
The next new author, Kristin, is up, with the poems "Dance", "Avalanche", "Pole Vaulter", "Strong Women", "The Room", "Rumor", "Old Lady", "Ode to Nature".

Last Update: 8-16-2002, 10:56 pm
Got up a set of lyrics for a song called "Thornbell", which is mine. Later, folks. God bless.

[11:37 PM UPDATE] I'm on a roll. I put up "Strychnine", which I wrote a bit ago along with the original "Thornbell" song.

Last Update: 6-15-2002, 11:03 pm
Put up a LOT of black dragon's stuff. This includes "You Think That You Know Me", "A Name", "Application", "Hard Rock", "Why Not Alone?", "Shy", and "Eyes." Enjoy, people!
God bless.

Last Update: 4-13-2002, 6:26 pm
A coupla new things of my own are up: "Antidote", a song, and "Pocket Dust Attitude", a poem. God bless you all, and have a nice day.

Last Update: 4-9-2002, 8:02 pm
Lancer-X, the newest author, is up with a short story, Jack and the stock market. God bless.

Last Update: 4-6-2002, 10:33 pm
Black dragon is just on a roll tonight. Another poem in addition to the first tonight is his first one with a title, "Knife". Also, three authors have joined...their works should be up sometime soon. God bless y'all.

- KKairos / D.J. Lower

Last Update: 4-5-2002, 11:36pm
Well, the site's been rampaved. Here's the new concept: I will feature my own writings under the author "KKairos". Go to Authors' Works to find the works of myself and others. At this point, only Black Dragon is up, as he is the only one who has really submitted anything. Any newer artists would be appreciated. More information about how to be featured on The Vent can be found in the Authors' Works section.
Carpe diem! God bless you all, and have a nice day.

- KKairos / D.J. Lower

If you want to comment on any of my writings or bug me or something, E-Mail me.