Look at the Links Below to Download the Sample Packs for Remixes of "The Monday Song."
Please download the loops using these links. The Vocal zip contains the oneshots, verse raps, and the "Monday" chorus. The drums and bass contains the two main drumbeats and two other percussion loops as well as the bass loops. The synth zip contains the synth lines that were used in the making of The Monday Song. The Monday Song vocals were recorded and edited by me, Sonfire / D.J. Lower / KKairos. On the raps and the "Monday" oneshot, no effects have been used outside of noise removal. (On the oneshot and thus the chorus there is a pitchshift to correspond with the key.) The bass loops were recorded/edited by me. The synth loops and some of the drumloops were made with Buzztracker. Other loops were somehow synthesized and/or recorded and edited by me. Enjoy!
- KKairos
Vocal Loops 5250 kb
Drum and Bass Loops 1563 kb
Synth Loops 1036 kb
If you are using these loops for a reason other than remixing The Monday Song, do not download them. They are intended for remix purposes. If you want to use them for something else, e-mail me at kkairos at gmail dot com (replace at with @ and dot with .). If you're planning to remix The Monday Song (I assume that you are if you are here) then please go ahead and download the loops; the vocals are the most essential.