CoL story

Chyme is born in y142, a descendant of
Sky the half-elf. An adventurer named Kenara Zali
comes onto Sky's Kingdom in y160 to investigate the
problems in the palace and Chyme leaves with her. One
thing of notable value which he takes with him is the
Peacegiver sword, a sword forged in y124 and infused
with the power to drive the hatred out of any spirit or
physical being. Later, they trek to the vampire lord Ergyr's
tower in search of the Veces Orb, which is rumored to
have started Sky's Kingdom floating and is wanted by
Kenara to stop the war between the rain elves and the
flame elves. While they are escaping, Chyme falls into
a room, where he fights Lord Ergyr. Before he goes down,
Ergyr bites Chyme, and Chyme, over the next two days or
so, becomes a vampire. Before this happens, however,
Chyme realizes what is happening to him and sends a
telepathic message back to his people and tosses the
Peacegiver sword up to Kenara. Over the years, as he is now
immortal, Chyme is slowly driven insane by the madness,
which permeates Ergyr's Tower, and replaces Ergyr as the
ruler of the tower.
Jonathan Rayne, in y322, goes to Bluecastle to help
his father. On the third floor, he meets Chyme, who has
been planning to take the Veces Orb to be used for the will
of the Xenta.
He heads back to Rivertone, and discovers that his father was
involved with Chyme, and that he and his father may be tied to
the sealing up of the Xenta in the first place. Blaze notes
that now that the Xenta are unsealed, they should be destroyed.
He direct Later in the game, Jon, Clefis and Vi travel to the
Sunken City, a haven for explorers of their day. At the very
end of the Sunken City, they find a chamber that has a small
pool of water, about 3 feet deep, in it. In this pool, they
come across an individual who appears to be frozen in the
still-moving water. After they push the right combination on
the wall, this man is reanimated and says, "Wha---Where---
Wasn't I in Ergyr's Tower?" Eventually, it is learned that the
echo of Chyme's message to his people was so strong that it
created an echo of Chyme himself, and that the heroes
stumbled across this echo while adventuring in the Sunken
City. They travel back to Sky's Kingdom, and Vi reaches a
startling conclusion: Chyme is her great, great, great, great
uncle! At this point in time, Clefis stays behind to entertain
the people of Sky's Kingdom, and Chyme joins the party!
Even later, Chyme finally gets the chance to see
what he has become. Talk about an identity crisis.
(From this point on, to avoid confusion, I will refer to the
villainous, older Chyme as Lord Chyme and to the heroic,
younger Chyme as Chyme.) This is followed by Lord
Chyme's taunts: "Look, Chyme. Look what you've become.
Does it not look appealing? All this power, all this potential,
is yours. Even during your "heroic" journey, that Kenara
looked upon you as a tool. Trust me, Chyme, she was only
using you. All she wanted was for her people to make peace
with each other--she didn't care a thing about you."
"No! You're insane," responds Chyme. "Kenara's
intentions were good. If they were not..." Chyme glances at
Jon, who is holding the Peacegiver sword, "Then why would
the Peacegiver be in such good hands today? You look.
Look at who you used to be, see how you've changed."
Vi steps forward, looking at Lord Chyme. "Chyme,
you are a disgrace to the Royal Guard of Sky's Kingdom."
Jon steps forward and we can see the Knossos
Amulet glitter. "If you were meant to be this way, then why
was there so much madness inside the manor?"
"Stop! You're all lying to me! Well, I'll cut your
lying tongues and then I'll turn you all into my soldiers--
you'll all be walking death by the end of the day!" Lord
Chyme's response brings about a bit of silence.
Chyme says, "If it will take the person you used to be
to bring you down, then so be it!"

-- A battle ensues. --
CoL Music
(All modules will be in IT format.) Battle Theme #1: A Battle Ensues
Bluecastle: Place of Despair, Place of Triumph
Racing Spirits (tentative theme)