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Pole Vaulter
Strong Women
The Room
Old Lady
Ode to Nature


Dance is like a snake
Curving along
Swaying side to side
Slow and smooth
Quick and rigid
Sliding over the ground.

Dance is like a bird
Flitting around
Dipping quickly
Gliding along
Floating gently
Soaring high.

Dance is like a puppy
Running around
Jumping high
Spinning in circles
An excited rush
Fast and energetic


No one knew that he was going
to the mountain.It was snowing
outside. His track
was covered. The crack
of his rifle caused the earth
to rumble. Never since his birth
had he heard such a sound.
He turned around
and saw the snow
rushing toward him. He did not know
that he would start
an avalanche. His heart
began to pound like a drum. His dread
grew as the snow pounded over his head
and buried him. He spent
one week in the snow. He nearly went
crazy. When they found him, his toes
were lost. How he survived nobody knows.

Pole Vaulter

Life is a pole vaulter
She starts slow
Preparing for the long stretch ahead.
She begins to run
Counting her steps
Going faster and faster.
When she reaches the pit
She jumps.
She swings herself
As high as she can.
Sometimes she makes it over the bar
And they raise the level.
Sometimes she don't quite make it.
She falls,
But the mat is always there
To catch her.
Somtimes it hurts when
She knocks off the bar. She is left with bruises or scars, But the hurts will heal. She knows She can try again.

Strong Women

They are the strong women
They are the weak women
Working together
wagons filled with goods
Their rich voices when
They chat together
Are loud and cheerful
As birds in the trees
Or a stream flowing
Through the prarie.

Word without meaning, sun without light,
Silent shout, book without pages.

Those who have passed
With open eyes on the Oregon Trail
Remember them-if at all- not as good
hard working ladies but only
As the strong women
The weak women.

The Room

She was a nurse says the scrubs
in the open dresser. An athletic woman too
say the soccer shoes and track spikes.
and a nice family oriented woman say the faded pictures
on the desk. but not a
woman for cleaning say the piles of trash and clothes on
the floor.

She lived alone says the small twin size bed
and she had a cat says the plactic dish
full of Whiskas. Friends were scarce say
the blank pages of the address book
and the summers hot says the rusty fan in the corner. It
was loud here says the
pair of earplugs on the worn coffee table.

Something happened says the
lonley apartment on the top floor.
Keys in the corner say she couldn't get in. The still
full food dish says the cat
went hungry. The empty address book says
she had no friends. Thick dust says she's been gone.
Something happened they


Mary said to Jane,
"I've got a secret
You must promise
Not to tell." Jane replied,
"I won't tell a single soul
You can trust me."
"I heard from Sue
Who heard from Kate
That Joy still
Wets the bed."
Now Jane thought that
It couldn't hurt to
Tell just one person
So she told Dana
Who went and told Marie
And so it continued.
Everyone who heard the tale
Passed it to someone new
They began to call Joy names
And taped diapers to her locker.
Joy lost all her self esteem
and committed suicide.
Joy had only told
Her closest friend
About her little secret.
May be if that friend
had kept it,
Joy would still
be here today.

Old Lady
She sits alone in her bedroom.
Her cat has just come to its doom.
The little cat was her best friend
She has no family on which to depend
Now she has nobody to love.
She prays that help will come from above.
She doesn't want to be by herself
Like a rag doll left on the shelf.

Ode To Nature

This is my ode to nature,
who brings new life in the spring.
As I lean against a tree,
I can feel its rough bark on my skin.
I can see squirrrles chasing each other.
The sweet scent of lilacs
wafts through the air and
the bees are buzzing in the daisies.
Children pluck the ripened berries
and let the red juice drip down their chins.

This is my ode to nature,
who brings the heat of the summer.
As I walk to the beach,
the long stiff grass scratches at my legs.
The air smells of the salty sea..
I can see gulls soaring over the ocean.
I can hear the roaring of the waves
as they pound onto the shore.
I eat the juicy crab
caught off the dock by the fishermen.

This is my ode to nature,
who turns the leaves red in fall.
As I walk through the rain,
I can feel the water dripping down my face
the smell of wet leaves and dirt
rises from the ground.
The trees are bare and lifeless,
and the wind is howling
through their empty branches.
I bite into a fresh, crisp, green, apple,
just picked yesterday.

This is my ode to nature
who brings the cold in winter.
As I walk,
the snow crunches under my feet.
the world is coverd in a blanket of white.
I raise my head to the sky
and let the snowflakes land on my tongue.
I scoop up a pile of snow
and pack it into a tight ball.
The smell of pine is in the air.

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