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Authors' Works
List of Authors: This list contains every author whos works (works being writings, poems and song lyrics) are featured on the Vent.

Black Dragon

How to be Hosted: The following are the basics for being an author on the Vent:
* You should pick a name. The name can be changed later, but it would be appreciated if you would keep your name on the Vent the same.
* Submit a sample writing via e-mail to Please put "Writing for the Vent", or something similar, in the topic. Please submit a sample writing, while noting that writings on the Vent should be without obscene content. What is obscene will be at my discretion. Also, include your author name and a logo if you wish to use one.

If You Are Hosted: You can submit additional works by writing e-mail to, and putting the name of the work (if any) in along with the work itself.

Disclaimer: If you are misquoted, or I write your work out wrong on the Vent, I take no legal responsibility. However, feel free to let me know via e-mail that I have made a mistake, and I will attempt to correct it.

If you want to comment on any of my writings or bug me or something, E-Mail me.