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Untitled 2
You think that you know me
A Name
Hard Rock
Why Not Alone?


He sees her walking down the hall
His knees begin to get weak
He feels the need to sit down
Or at least lean up against something
"Someday I'll have the guts" he said
"To ask her on a date"
But he knows it won't happen
For he feels she's way out of his league
only a few people know
What he feels for her
They try to find out what she thinks of him
The news is never the best
But it's getting better all the time
and because he is a persistant man
He's gonna keep on trying

This poem was copied from a friend's handwriting. I take no responsibility for any inaccuracies, and will fix any that are pointed out to me.

Untitled 2

i'm being pulled both ways
into the darkness
and into the light
i know which way i want to go
but i also know which way i will go eventually
there is no stopping it
i just want to put it off for as long as possible
so i'm heading off down the path of darkness
and hoping that the light at the end isn't red
for if it is
then i will have had no use in the darkness
i should have gone now
maybe i will
in any way i can
but i havent found a good method yet
so i will stay in the darkness
and wait to see the light at the end


i'm gettin myself psyched
like i do for every match
it just seems like this one is different
i dont really know how
i finish him off with no problem at all
i turn around and start walkin off
when someone yells out my name and tells me to look out
i turn my head around just in time
to see my opponent draw out his special k
i see everything in slow motion
his arm drawing back
his special k flying at me
then i feel the pain
thats why i now have a scar in my back
i had to make it home with the damned thing in me
and pull it out when i finally got back
but now i will forever
have that scar on my back

You think that you know me

You think that you know me
But you don't know me at all
All that you know is what I choose to tell you
Or what I choose to let through my front
Oh, you may know some of me
The brighter, nicer happier side of me
Always laughing and smiling, always joking
But that is just a small part
Have you ever had a day where you think that your anger, hate, and rage are going to burn you from the inside out?
I live with that every day
I have a never ending battle with my anger and rage
I can supress these things for a time
But when I let them loose, I make sure nobody's around
I don't want to cause them any physical or mental damage
I am who I am
You thought you knew me
Now you know the truth

A Name

Hereís a poem about one of the most evil men in history
In his stupidity he killed many
There hasnít been an explanation found yet
Let alone a place to start searching
Everybody knows who he is, and what he did
Reich times three was what he wanted
Who is it?


All my life, people have told me I donít apply myself
Teachers, parents, coaches, all think I am better than I am
No, I canít get straight Aís
No, I canít juggle a soccer ball 20 times
No, I canít make 50 free throws in a row
It just isnít in me
I donít have the ability or the concentration needed for certain things
I can get real bored real fast
But I can also be intrigued for hours at a time
So keep it interesting, and Iíll apply myself to the max and beyond
But keep it boring, and Iíll fall away faster than you can snap your fingers
If you want me to apply myself completely
Apply yourself
And keep it real

Hard Rock

Most people donít like hard rock
They say itís just a buncha people screaming, cussing, and making a lot of racket
Iím here to tell you that this is a bunch of stereotypical lies
Hard rock is an art form, much like painting or dancing
Just on a different scale
There is a way that everything has to flow together
So what if the musicians in this genre canít dance well
What does that have to do with their music?
So what if they arenít always the cutest or hottest out there
What does that have to do with the way they play and sing?
Can you guess what would happen to all those boy/girl bands if they didnít look good and couldnít dance?
They wouldnít sell anything
They live off their looks and dance moves, not their music
Rockers live off their music, not their looks and dance moves
Their lives going
And itís because of that
That rock is still around
And still will be when pop, rap, and hip-hop fade out of the limelight
Rock hard
Rock long
Rock on forever

Why Not Alone?

Why canít I just be left alone?
It seems like everyone wants to know every last detail of my life
Itís so annoying
I like talking more than some people
Iím loud and proud of it
But I like my privacy too
People want ot help me with things I donít need or want help in
Iím a big boy now
In both size and maturity
But Iím not sure everyone realizes it
If I want to tell you something, I will
If you ask and I donít want to tell, my answer will probably be ďI donít knowĒ
So for all you nosy people
Take that nose and shove it as far up your rear end as possible


Iím quite a shy guy
I donít really know why
I put up a crazy, outgoing front
But all it is, to be blunt
Is just one real big cover up
Iíve been this way since I was a pup
So keep it slow
And maybe youíll get to know
The real me!


Two eyes on her face
Set into their right place
They are so beautiful, pretty, pleasing
They make me want to hug her and never stop squeezing
With them she looks like Aphrodite
Make me wonder why she still likes me
The perfect shade of brown
They make her so pretty that Iíll always keep her around <-- go there for the page of the image that Black Dragon's avatar was cropped from, among others. This is just a legal thing.

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